Vela Luka has beautiful beaches. It is situated in deep bay with coasts overgrown with vineyards, olives, figs and pines. Vela Luka is safe anchorage for ships and sailboats because the bay is very deep. One part of harbour is reserved for fishing boats with fresh fish, so that makes gastronomic offer of Vela Luka and Korčula island healthy and more complete.

Every Thursday during summer in Vela Luka are held Fisherman’s evenings. On that event visitors can enjoy roasted fish, shrimp, octopus on salads, homemade wine, watermelons, “pršurate (fritule)” and other pastries for symbolic prices.

In September, it is time for “Vela Luka Outdoors” event with cycling and trekking races.


Vela špilja (cave) represents a natural attraction and a significant archaeological site. The lime rock that reaches the cave entrance through the openings passes the natural light that gives a special atmosphere. In Vela špilja the archaeologists have found many ceramic, stone and bony constructions from the period of the Upper Paleolithic. In the cave you can find decorative items and very old tombstones. This combination of natural beauty and museum will stay a long time in your memory even after your vacation is over.


A short boat ride from the bay of Villa Darinka will take you to Proizd and Ošjak slands. These two islands are gift of nature and they have remained intact from humans. Proizd and Ošjak islands are a real piece of paradise for pleasure and rest from stress.

Beautiful azure colour of the sea, silence that is disturbed only by the sound of the cricket, jump into the crystal-clear sea and the smell of pine trees will rest and rebuild all your senses.

Because of its natural beauty Proizd beach is listed in five most beautiful beaches in the Adriatic by the Daily Telegraph.

On Proizd island you can also enjoy local international specialties as well as cocktails. Ošjak island is also called “Love island” because of sandy beach, walking and exploring areas, cave and many other charms that you can find only when you decide to spent some time in the world of untouched nature.

Proizd island has organized daily transport of guests from the centre of Vela Luka in the morning, and the same ships are will return you back to Vela Luka in late afternoon.